2015 Oregon Legislative Session Recap

2015 Full Session Recap:

The 2015 Legislative session has ended. Below are bills that concerned our issues this session.
NOTE that this symbol  indicates that BikePac requested the bill and worked it in 2015.

Dead Red light law

SB 533 [original bill text]  [current status:
Passed in Senate!      –     Passed in House!
SIGNED by the Governor – In effect Jan 1, 2016!
[Video testimony – Senate] [Video Testimony – House]

Permits motorcycle driver to proceed at a non-detecting stop light under certain conditions.

Form:  http://www.bikepac.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/web.mail_.comcast.net_.pdf
ODOT Contact Info:  http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/TS/Pages/contact_us.aspx

Lane Filtering (multiple bills)

SB 694  [original bill text]  [current status – passed in the Senate!
BLOCKED in the House Transportation Committee.
[Video Testimony – Senate] [Video Testimony – House]
Allows operators of motorcycles and mopeds to pass vehicles in same lane during traffic jams or slowdowns meeting specific conditions.

HB 2512  [original bill text]  [current status – House Committee hearing held.  But this bill will not go further this session.  Supporting SB 694 instead]
[Video testimony – House]

Allows operators of motorcycles and mopeds to travel on shoulder of highway during traffic jams or slowdowns.

SB 172  [original bill text]  [current status – no activity.  Supporting SB 694 instead]
Allows operators of motorcycles and mopeds to pass vehicles in same lane during traffic jams or slowdowns.

Ethanol in Fuel

SB 424  [original bill text]  [current status: passed in the Senate!
STALLED in the House Energy Committee and will not move further this session]
[BikePAC Video testimony offered]

Provides that retail dealer, non-retail dealer or wholesale dealer may sell or offer for sale gasoline that is not blended with ethanol if gasoline is for use in motorcycles.

Gear Choice

HB 2989   [original bill text]  [current status – no scheduled further activity]

Allows for riding gear choice (including helmet use)

Anti Profiling

SB 486   [original bill text]  [current status – no further scheduled activity]

Prohibits law enforcement agencies and officers from profiling based on specified personal characteristics or circumstances of individuals, except when characteristics or circumstances are tied to specific suspect description or credible information related to criminal incident or activity
BikePAC attempted ammendment to add “articles of clothing” or mode of transportation.

WHO are YOUR two legislators?  One of the most important things you can do legislatively starts with KNOWING what district you are in and who represents you.


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