We need help from Oregon motorcyclists to pass a motorcycle lane sharing bill in Oregon!

SB422 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary this coming March 2nd at 1pm PST.

The bill needs your testimony in support for the Committee Hearing and it is EASY!

1. Hit this link:  

2. Follow the instructions (see diagram for a step-by-step)

3. Write your testimony in the box. It can be as simple as "I am a motorcyclist. Please support SB422".  If you personalize your note, that is even better! is a good resource for information.

4. Submit.

5. Tell 3 friends! Done.

2023 Rider Survey is now available.

BikePAC of Oregon Inc. decides its legislative agenda based on many factors, including this survey. BikePAC of Oregon is the political lobby for motorcyclists in Oregon, and works with ABATE of Oregon and other concerned citizens and groups. BikePAC is a direct voice for you as a rider at the Oregon State Capitol. Please complete the survey and share this survey with your friends and fellow riders. Our goal is to hear from 15,000 riders in the next couple months. Thank you.

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