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BikePac of Oregon is an all-volunteer political action committee funded entirely through annual memberships and donations from A.B.A.T.E. of Oregon and other concerned individuals and groups.  We do not hold poker runs, fund raisers, and so-forth to raise money.  During legislative sessions we have one or more members lobbying in person for your rights as a rider at the Oregon State Capitol while the legislature is present in Salem.  Our only public event is held the first Saturday in May each year on the Capitol steps.

As such, we greatly appreciate ANY amount of financial support that you can give to help with the financial burden to carry out these missions by clicking the button below:

FREE MONEY TO FURTHER YOUR RIGHTS AS A MOTORCYCLIST!  OREGON RESIDENTS – DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR DONATION TO BIKEPAC IS A TAX CREDIT ON YOUR OREGON TAX RETURN?!  That’s right – You can reduce the amount you owe on your Oregon Income Tax return by up to $50 for individuals and $100 for couples filing jointly!  This is not a “write-off" – it’s BETTER.  You get 100% of this donation back from the state of Oregon when you file (again, up to $50 individual and $100 jointly.)

PLEASE SAVE the emailed receipt that you will get for your income tax records!

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